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About KAS
Founded in 1965, the Korean Astronomical Society (KAS) is the leading professional organization for astronomy in the Republic of Korea, with 914 members. The KAS aims to promote the development of astronomy in the Republic of Korea through facilitating the interactions amongst members, supporting astronomical research activities, sharing up-to-date astronomical knowledge and discoveries, and educating the next generation astronomers and the public. The KAS joined the IAU in 1973 and now holds a category III membership with 159 individual members. The Society has been well recognized for her significant progress in country and beyond, with growing numbers of memberships, exceptional research programs, and committed activities. The KAS publishes a peer-reviewed research journal, the Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society.  

Biannual meetings in spring and fall are regularly attended by over 300 members. Symposia, workshops, researches, and public programs have been initiated and organized by the KAS, together with the IAU, regional and national societies, companies, and other partakers in the last five decades.
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